Do you know the number one reason people lose their homes? Many people say losing a job or poor money management.The truth is the number one reason people default on their mortgage is the death of the primary income earner. Honestly most people think that losing a home is no big deal because you can always find another place to live. However the major loss you take when you lose a home to foreclosure is you lose your equity. Equity conservation is the biggest reason why every home owner should look to supplement their current life insurance with Mortgage Protection. Many times people ask us,” Should I pay a little extra toward the mortgage to pay it off early?”. Our answer is always a resounding NO. Not unless you have a mortgage protection plan in place. We offer a number of different options. Most of them require no medical exam and in some cases we can put you in a position to not only cover the mortgage in full if you die prematurely but also pay it off years ahead of schedule saving yourself 10.000’s in interest! ¬†Contact us today to find out more about how this sort of common sense solution can benefit your family.
Mortgage Protection Life Insurance